Mr.Sumedha Amerasinghe, the President of the Dharmavijaya Foundation

Sumedha AmerasingheI had the opportunity on a day in 1987 of meeting the Most. Ven Aggamaha Pandita Madihe Pannasiha Maha Nayake thera having being led by my Father Eric Amaresinghe a Presidential Lawyer, who was also at that time the President of the Young Men’s Buddhist Society of Colombo. On that day itself as advised by the Maha Nayake Thera I joined the Thurunu Saviya functioning in the Dharmayathanaya. I was drawn to his concept of ‘Let us develop, the country whilst developing the individuals as well. Therefore I requested to join the prestigious Dharmavijaya Foundatrion. Since the 28th of April 1988 I have been a trustee of the Dharmavijaya Foundation. At the annual general meeting in October 1989 as proposed by Mr. L.S.I.Wickramasinghe, a senior chartered accountant who was the honorary treasurer until then, I was appointed to that position.</p?

The Dharmavijaya samajayas set up in temples are 467, up to now. This net work of societies is functioning with the financial support offered by donors both here and abroad. The Dharmavijaya Foundation has in its folds 77 Trust funds. The interest received on these deposits as well as other donations are utilized to offer social service in the four sectors of development i.e. education, health, economic and moral through the Dharmaviajay samajayas and the temples, from North and South and East to West. The Dharmavijaya Foundation has the strength of 30 Trustees with social recognition as …………. ……………… doctors, accountantsm engineers, lawyers, and administrators. Although the late prelate is no more the concepts he gave us are a blessing indeed. I appreciating this opportunity I have got to serve the Dharmavijaya Foundation and its trustees who function extending their hands to strengthen those in need based on Buddhist economic principles. I feel it is our responsibility to fulfil the expirations felt by the late Maha Nayaka thera in his life time. I anticipate this support of all the trustees to make it a reality.